Vodafone Flagshipstore Cologne

  • Kind Interactive Installation
  • Client Argonauten G2
  • Our Part Concept, Design & Development

Vodafone opened the first German flagshipstore in Cologne. The innovative shop concept includes a 7m x 3,50m display consisting of 36 displays.
Together with Argonauten G2 from Düsseldorf we created two interactive installations.



The visitor becomes part of the shop. He is leaving something behind, either by using the installation intentially or by just walking around the detection area.
We created two variants types:

Interactive 3D Painting

The visitors create 3D like painting. A 3,5 × 3,5m detection area in front of the display transforms the visitor into a “digital brush”. Properties such as the velocity or position of the person define the drawing style. Thus So, after hours, the painting reflects the actions and activities of all visitors.

Particel Silhouettes

The display acts as a mirror. The mirror image of each visitor dissolves into thousands of individual particles. If the user focuses the installation, his mirror image is recorded on a 10sec replay and becomes a fix part of the gallery. The natural raster of 6×6 individual displays is used to display the replays. A lightweight design was created to reflect the record process, acting as a call to action and guide for the visitor.


6 Kinect sensors track an area of 3,5 × 3,5m in front of the display, with an height of about 2 meters and a minimum distance to the screen of about 0,5 meters. The Kinect image is processed by 3 computers and passed to another machine, that merges all the 6 images to a homogeneous coordinate system. The two visual clients are written in Java based on Processing and OpenGL. Those applications receive the merged kinect image, detect the people and use the individual point cloud to create some fancy stuff. The deterministic garbage collector of the JRockit VM ensures the required 60 frames a second. An ATI FirePro™ V9800 provides a joint view of 2160×3840 pixels channeling trough 4 mini-display ports.


  1. Tilman
    wrote on October 17, 2012, 15:02

    Derbe! Ich will mehr von dem heißen Scheiß! Und stelle mich auch mal zum Testing zur Verfügung :)

  2. Fabian
    wrote on October 17, 2012, 17:09

    This is wonderful – the project and the video. Would love to work with you guys again.

  3. Iris
    wrote on October 19, 2012, 15:17

    Brilliant stuff!!! I really enjoyed watching the clip and will to go there to test it myself…

  4. Conni
    wrote on October 30, 2012, 09:55

    Hammer! Ein weiterer Beweis dafür, dass ihr den richtigen Weg gegangen seid!!! Wäre toll, wenn wir uns mal wieder begegnen würden…

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