Seat IAA Kinect Game

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  • Kind Interactive Installation
  • Client Vorwärts GmbH
  • Our Part Design, Development & Installation

For the IAA 2011 the car manufacturer SEAT wanted an entertaining game with that the visitors could participate at the seat booth.
As a sponsor of the UEFA Europa League SEAT wanted an interactive football game. The goal of the game was to kick up a ball as often as possible within 45 seconds.
So a nice hit’n‘run project for Britzpetermann was born.



The Agency Vorwärts GmbH from cologne asked us to do the complete development, including graphic design, development and installation.


Our setup of choice was a MacMini with a KINECT sensor attached and a 37” Display.

We used processing to program a server that gathers the kinect data, calculates relevant depth information via openCV framework and sends the calculated data via socket connection to a flash application which did the visualization.

We love

Playing with Kinect Sensor.
Having fun testing over and over again, always breaking the record.
Working with Vorwärts was a pleasure very straight briefings, lots of freedom in design and development for us and very nice contacts.


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