FertighausWelt Edutainment Point

  • Kind Interactive Installation
  • Client BDF
  • Our Part Concept, Illustration, Design & Development

In February 2012 the BDF, the German association of prefabricated houses, commissioned us to create a concept for digital information points in their FertighausWelt in Cologne. In this park the BDF presents all vendors with their houses the association represents.

Adult content - energy efficiency
Child content - create your monster
Some recombined monsters
Original monsters
In real life


Idea & Realization

The requirement was to inform and entertain the visitors in a pleasant way.
We decided to split the screen in a part for adults and in a part for kids.
The adult content shows one of the core topic the association has: energy efficiency. Short and simple animations explain the visitors different ways to optimize houses to become more efficient.
For the kids we created a well known monster combination game. Four expressive monsters could be recombined by changing their heads, bodies and legs. For the smallest kids we implemented Mr. Zufall who is doing the job by fortune.

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