Karlo Jurina "Selbstgespräche"

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Karlo Jurina, a musician from Cologne and friend, worked on his debut album „Selbstgespäche“ in autumn 2010. When presenting us his first previews, we were that impressed by the simple but also complex guitar music, that we decided to create a visual interpretation of the album.
The result was an extraordinary project and the amazing music of Karlo Jurina was enriched by another sensual experience.

Video "A look behind"



Assuming that that soliloquies are notional reflections and that this form of personal conflicts always initiate, change and readjust something, the idea arose of an agile structure which is subject to new impulses and permanent changing and never is the same structure than before.
Thus, a music player occured which plays music simultaneously, visualizes and create the face of the album.


Basis is a constant grid consisting of 190 coincidental symbols. Length and amount of lines are the result of the length of song names and amount of songs. The music itself modifies the grid. This impulse changes size, position and symbols itselves whereby new structures and pictures occure. Every moment is unique.
The music can be controled by the horizontal lines. The name of the song gets visuable at a hover above. A plectrum marks the current song. The functions of the player are conscious rudimentally to offer less diversion as possible.
A technical challenge was to get one or more clear impulse to which the symbols could react. Unfortunately we only could get bad results with the obvious selection of song spectrums. It is also not possible to let symbols responsive of several different signs like bass and melodies.
Thats why we decided to play single layers by hand which not just distributes a handmade touch to the digital character of interpretation but also a precise possibility to control visualization.
As control input we used the iPad as the multitouch surface allowed very intuitively flowing movements. We developed our first iOS App PhädPäd to control the visualization.
The final layers to this project were played by Karlo Jurina itself, so he could decide on his own how his songs are supposed to appear visually. We filmed a video A look behind that shows the process of recording the different guitar layers with the ipad.

We love

Altogether it was a very nice project with good music in permanent rotation and greasy iPads and iPhones. We’d like to do it again!



  1. Michael Gee
    wrote on March 2, 2011, 10:07

    Wonderful works <3 Beauty in every single detail

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